Friday, June 22, 2012

The Mob

So I have a new obsession-Mob Wives. It is the trashiest, most low class, drama filled show. And I love it!!! If you haven't seen the show, its about 4 women who all have various connections to the mob in New York. For whatever reason, these women are friends. Or try to be. All the drama pulls me in! The show has been on for a few years, though I have just started watching it, thanks to netflixs and it's lack of appealing movies. I love how these women take themselves so seriously. The fighting from pulling hair to bitch slaps keeps me coming back for more. The show it self is like an advertisement for cosmetic surgery. Big lips, big boobs, large earrings and heavy makeup must be a requirement to be on the show. My mouth just hangs open in surprise during every episode. I highly recommend checking it out.Today a dear friend and I was watching some of Season 2. My friend made the comment several times, "What is this show really about?" My answer, NOTHING!!!

These past few weeks have been some seriously long weeks. I am so clueless right now its not even funny. Meaning, I am trying to keep moving forward. I want to say that this is not going exactly well, but maybe I'm just being to hard on myself. I have been through alot, my mind just seems to get cloudy from time to time. Not working is making things difficult. I am going to go to nursing school, though to get in I need to get my CNA. I was hoping to take a 4 week CNA course, start working, and save money so I can leave Mr. I'm gonna stick it where I can get it. Mr. Stick its hours have been cut at work, making the possibility of me taking my CNA course seem more like a dream then something in my reach. I want to make the right decisions, I feel like I am just wasting time. I just wish something would happen for the good. My inner self feels a little beaten and bruised at the moment and could use a break. Tomorrow is a new day, so for now, I am going to let these thoughts go, and start looking for answers again then.


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